Arizona Fish and Game host a 'Bat night'

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - They kill nasty pestsand help farmers, but they can also be very dangerous to touch.  We're talking about bats.

Saturday night, theArizona Department of Fish and Game, along with Pima County held a forum wherepeople learned more about these creatures, and how they help across SouthernArizona.

Bats normally onlycome at nighttime, and one group of people on Saturday night, on Tucson's eastside got a chance to see one up close.

A bat expert with thegroup was able to catch one specimen with a net, the group was able to checkout the bat up close, it was then released.

What the grouplearned – bats are built remarkably like humans, their rib cage is verysimilar; farmers love bats because they help control agricultural pests.  The group also learned that a single bat cankill up to a 1,000 mosquitoes, in one hour.

Wildlife officials urgepeople though never to touch a bat.  Thereason, while chances are very slim, is contracting rabies; a very smallpercentage of bats test positive for rabies.

Several myths werealso dispelled on Saturday night, such as bats being blind.  This is false, bats can see very well atnight.

There are 15 to 20species of bat in the Tucson area, and only one of them is endangered.

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