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Orphaned fawn finds a home in Prescott

A young deer is heading to Prescott. A man dropped off the mule deer fawn at a Tucson area health care facility on Friday saying its mother had been killed by a coyote.

Arizona Game & Fish officers are investigating his claim but in the meantime they wanted to find the deer a new home and they did so at the Heritage Park Zoo in Prescott.

Game & Fish says the fawn was apparently born just last week in the Willcox area of Arizona. While it's definitely cute and people might feel compelled to help a fawn found in the wild, it's important you don't mess with mother nature, "deer can transmit Chronic Wasting Disease, which is similar to Mad Cow Disease," explains Game & Fish Regional Supervisor Raul Vega, "there are no confirmed cases of Chronic Wasting Disease in Arizona, but there are in other nearby states."

This story had the potential for a sad ending but Vega says since Game & Fish found the fawn a home in Prescott, it won't have to be put down, "had a suitable home not been found for it, the fawn would have been euthanized because we cannot be sure where it came from. Zoos are equipped to monitor its health, but most have enough deer already."

For more information about why it is best to leave baby wildlife alone, see: http://www.azgfd.gov/w_c/urban_injured_sick.shtml.

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