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Vail School District earns "straight A" report card

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The Vail School District has earned a "straight A" report card from the Arizona Department of Education.

The nine Vail Schools, designated by the federal government as "low income", scored as well or better than other schools across the district.

This continued success is attributed to relentless, district-wide; focus on proven instructional practices, outstanding staff, strong community support, as well as solid leadership at the school, district and board level.

Vail share its "success secrets" with the 81 partner districts participating in its Beyond Textbooks program.

This year, Beyond Textbook's first partner district, Benson Unified School District, took over Vail's position as the top-scoring district in the state.

Queen Creek, a partner in Maricopa County, joined other top performers with a 13-point jump in their school district. Partner, Tuba City School District, in middle of the Navajo Reservation in Northern Arizona saw improvement in 8 of their 9 schools.

"We are very happy for these districts and the great results their hard working staff achieved," said Superintendent Calvin Baker. "I am especially proud of Vail Staff and their willingness to share and to help improve education across Arizona."

The Vail School District serves the southeast corner of Tucson. The district enrolls 12,00 students and is in the process of building it's 18th school. Vail currently has eight elementary schools, 4 middle schools, and 5 high schools.

Seven of the schools are district sponsored charter schools.

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