ASA v. ABOR lawsuit dismissed

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The Arizona Students' Association's lawsuit against the ArizonaBoard of Regents alleged the board violated the first amendment rights of ASA afterthe ABOR changed its policy on using the tuition collection process to collectthe $2 ASA fee from an opt-out process to an opt-in process.

ABOR President Eileen Klein made the following statement inresponse to a United States District Court's decision to dismiss the lawsuit:

"I am pleased with the Federal DistrictCourt's decision to dismiss this lawsuit and have maintained confidence in thelegality of the board's actions throughout the entire review anddecision-making process related to the use of the universities' tuitioncollection process to collect the ASA fee.  As stewards of the state'spublic universities and the taxpayer dollars that support them, the boardexercised its fiduciary responsibility in its decision to change the fee froman opt-out process that required students to seek a refund from ASA to anopt-in process that provided more transparency on the fee itself and allowedthose students who wanted to pay it to do so.

"Independent of this lawsuit, the Board has recently responded to legislativechanges that now prohibit the use of the tuition collection process to collecta fee for any outside student group. Although no fees are permitted to be collected on behalf of independentstudent organizations, the universities continue to support student governmentsand numerous other student activities directly.

"The Board of Regents and our universitiesvalue the student voice.  Students are the heart and soul of ourinstitutions and our primary purpose is to serve them.  We remaincommitted to working collaboratively with all current and future students tocreate the best educational experience possible."

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