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July was wet and warm this year

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A look back at the month of July. Written by and credited to the National Weather Service Tucson:

July 2013 climate report for Tucson


19th warmest and 38th wettest July on record
All-time consecutive triple digit high streak tied
Summer 2013: 2nd warmest & 44th wettest on record to date
Monsoon 2013: 43rd wettest & 6th warmest on record to date

The triple digit high streak that started on June 1st continued during the first third of the month before coming to an end on the 10th when the high was 98°. The consecutive day triple digit streak of 39 days tied the all-time record first set in 1987 and later tied in 2005. The average high temperature during this streak was 105.1°. A listing of the historical record triple digit streaks can be found here.


The month saw its usual monsoon type storm activity ranging from localized heavy rains resulting in flash flooding and severe thunderstorms that produced damaging winds.


Temperature extremes for the month ranged from a high of 108° on the 7th to a low of 71° on the 2nd and 20th. For the 10th July on record, every day recorded a low temperature of 70° or warmer. The previous nine occurrences were in 1942, 1951, 1963, 1977, 1985, 1989, 1996, 2000 & 2005. The monthly average temperature of 88.0° is 1° above normal and ranks as the 19th warmest July on record (tied with 1943, 1978 & 1997). The monthly average low temperature of 76.9° is 2.5° above normal and ranks as the 3rd warmest (tied with 2005 & 2006) on record.

July 2013 daily high temperature departure from normal July 2013 daily low temperature departure from normal


As is normally the case during the summer thunderstorm season, rainfall amounts varied widely across the metro area. Using several sources like rainlog.orgCoCoRaHS, and the Pima County Regional Flood Control District gages, rainfall amounts for the month ranged 0.5" to 3" with localized spots recording between 4"-5". The International airport, which is the official recording location for Tucson, recorded 2.60" which is slightly over a third of an inch above normal ranks as the 38th wettest July on record. Six of the past eight July's have recorded above normal rainfall.

July 2013 stats
Average high temperature
- 0.7°
Average low temperature
+ 2.5°
Average temperature
+ 1.0°
Number of 100° + highs
- 2
+ 0.35"
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