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Day 1 unfolds

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

If you were looking for a happy go lucky Rich Rodriguez on Day 1 of Arizona Football camp, you might want to check back on Day 2. 

Rodriguez was visibly irked and voiced his concerns about the conditioning effort by some of his upper classmen.

"I've got a handful of guys who are going to be doing a little bit extra to get into shape," said the 2nd year coach. "They don't understand what it takes to be an elite athlete."

Senior lineman Eric Bender-Ramsey, who famously lost his breakfast six minutes into his first practice as a freshman in 2009, was one of several lineman who labored through an end of practice conditioning run.

Their was a setback in the opening of the QB competition as transfer Jesse Scroggins was limited due to a concussion he apparently suffered in the final stages of summer conditioning.

Rodriguez described the first practice technically as uneven and declined to allow the quarterbacks to speak to the media.

"If I sugarcoated it guys would think something is wrong with me." said Rodriguez. (BJ Denker) competed. He's in good shape, he worked hard but the execution in the passing game should be better even with new wide receiver than it was today."

There was one piece of good news from the head coach.

"I like the freshman class. I think it's a really good class." said Rodriguez.

The Wildcats practice again Sunday night at 5:30 p.m. on Kindall Field at Sancet Stadium.

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David Kelly contributed to this story.

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