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Injured deputy recovering at home after shooting armed suspect

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A Pima County Sheriff's deputy was released from the hospital this morning, and is now recovering at home after getting shot in the upper leg.

Deputies from the Sheriff's Department responded to a suspicious person with a fire arm just before 11 on Saturday night.

According to PCSD spokesman Deputy Tracy Suitt, Deputy Jesus Davila was the first to arrive at Circle K located at 4395 N. Romero Road.

As Deputy Davila entered the store, officials say he made contact with the suspicious person, identified as 41-year-old Alvin McBride.

Deputy Davila spoke to McBride for a brief period when a struggle ensued. During the struggle, McBride shot Deputy Davila in the leg with his gun.

Both Deputy and McBride went down on the floor where the struggle continued.

Sheriff's officials say Deputy Davila was able to draw his own weapon and fatally shot McBride.

Tucson News Now spoke to Sgt. Joseph Cameron, the chairman of the Pima County Deputies Association.  Cameron said he had just spoken to Davila, and he appeared to be doing well.

"Anytime something like this happens, it is sobering.  It is a risk we all take when we suit up and go to work every night, but when it happens it really hits home," said Sgt. Cameron.

Davila has been with the Sheriff's office for about 6 years.

Cameron said he was shot in the groin, but the bullet missed all of his vital organs and was lodged in his glutes.

Deputy Suitt said back up was on the way, when Davila entered the store, but everything happened fast.

Cameron said deputies typically rely on their own discretion when answering calls.  In this case Davila felt he was able to answer the call on his own without waiting for back up to arrive.

"The suspect's actions determine what happened.  If he hadn't done what he'd done he would still be alive, Deputy Davila wouldn't be injured, and we wouldn't be out here doing this story," said Sgt. Cameron.

Sgt. Cameron said every deputy and officer is aware of the possibility of getting shot, or having to shoot everyday they head to work.  Cameron himself had been involved in two deputy-involved shootings."

"They're never easy, but when something like this happens, and I've been in the situation myself, you go back to your training, and draw from all the knowledge you gained during your training, and that is what Deputy Davila did," said Cameron.

Tucson News Now also caught up with Mike Storie, an attorney from the Combined Law Enforcement Associations for Arizona (CLEEA), an agency that provides legal representation for officers and deputies in the state.  Storie is the attorney who will be representing Deputy Davila. 

Storie said homicide detectives will now take over the investigation to make sure protocol was followed.  Deputy Davila will be on paid administrative leave until the investigation is complete, and he is well enough to return to work.

Storie has represented many officers and deputies in similar incidents.

"It's terrible.  These officers go out and they don't make these choices.  It is people that make these choices.  Officers would prefer that people comply, so everyone can go home peaceably," said Storie.

The Circle K appeared to have several surveillance cameras.  Sheriff's officials said if there is any footage, it is part of the evidence.

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