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Drivers, students and 'back to school' zones

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Sunnyside High School will soon be packed with students and buses very soon.  So this means drivers need to slow down and stay alert when coming up to a school zone

Motorists need to pay attention to the speed limit, stop when buses are unloading and watch for crossing guards.

The biggest thing to remember is to slow down to 15 miles per hour in school zones, where there are lots of students walking around.

This is easily the most common violation in school zones. 

Speeding in a school zone can cost a driver at least $250.  Around many schools today drivers can expect to see more law enforcement on the road.

Drivers may see police officers and radar vans posted in school zones in their areas, so they are advised to slow down and stay alert.

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