Midtown water leak remains unfixed

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Some people who live inmidtown are upset because they say the city is wasting water and not actingquickly enough to fix a major leak.

About 1,000 customers werewithout water last week while Tucson Water tried unsuccessfully to fix theleak.

Within the next twoweeks, about 170 people in that same neighborhood could see another wateroutage.

The area that will likelylose water is limited to neighborhoods south of 17th street to 22nd street andthen going from Venice to Rosemont.

This leak is causingthe biggest issue at Swan and 19th Street.

Some people told TucsonNews Now they are upset because they feel it has taken way too long to fix thisleak.

One gentleman says hereported this leak six or seven weeks ago and Tucson Water should practice whatit preaches.

Tucson Water says whenthey initially tried to fix this leak last week, they discovered more leaks andthat's what is taking so long.

They also said they arenot sure exactly when they will be coming out again to fix it, and will be shuttingoff the water again. But it will be within the next two weeks, and at most only170 customers will be dry for a few overnight hours.