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Private land treated as dump site, owners pay

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Property owners in one part of Tucson's southwest side say their privately owned land is being used as an illegal dump site.

They say it's not only an ugly nuisance, but it's now becoming an expensive problem, too.

Several people who live in this area say couches and furniture along the side of the road or just off in the desert are a common and frustrating site.

Doug Martin, the general manager of a local radio station, said he just had to clean up his property once again. There were dozens and dozens of old tires and trash on his property. Then when we took a stroll through the neighborhood, we found plenty of other illegal dump sites. We saw couches, beds, a television set, and even a couple of vacuums.

"Well, I'm frustrated the city doesn't seem to have a plan for this," Martin said. "You know by either providing you know places where people can put their trash and also that they're not enforcing wildcat dumping."

That's how some refer to this problem, as "wildcat dumping."

Doug says he has been trying to get a solution worked out with the city for over a year.

He also says he spends $4 to $500 almost every month to clean it up.

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