Game and Fish reminds public to leave fawns alone

Game and Fish reminds public to leave fawns alone

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Officials with Arizona Game and Fish Department are reminding the public to not remove deer fawns from the wild.

This request is due to three fawns being removed from the wild since July 26.

"Fawns are left alone by their mothers most of the day while they feed.  Mothers do not remain near their young to avoid drawing the attention of potential predators," said Raul Vega, the Regional Supervisor of Game and Fish in Tucson.  "When humans remove a fawn from the wild, it becomes orphaned and condemned to a life in captivity if it survives. It is very difficult to find a captive facility that has room for another deer, and so excess fawns must be euthanized."

If someone thinks a fawn has been orphaned, Game and Fish ask that they remember the exact location and then call their office in Tucson as (520) 628-5376, during business hours Monday to Friday, or call the 24-hour dispatch center at (623) 236-7201.

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