Neighbor trashes proposed changes to landfill

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - There's going to be more activity at an east-side landfill and recycling facility but one neighbor who lives near the site says no one listened to his concerns.

The Speedway Recycling and Landfill Facility is preparing to turn more trash into things people can use like compost.

Fairfax Companies chairman executive officer Jason Tankersley says in order to go greener he will need about a dozen more employees, structures to shade them and machines to boost efficiency.

"My job is to make sure nothing gets 'landfilled' that can turn into a beneficial product," Tankersley said. He also plans to start manufacturing home building blocks made from recycled materials. "It's flood resistant, fire resistant," he said.

Some of the neighbors living just east of the facility are not too thrilled with the expected changes.  Some of them for years have been trying to close down the facility, including Paul Daniel.

"It's like a game.  It's like a big game," Daniel said. He also said he went to three meetings at city hall to block new zoning for the facility – zoning that allows Tankersley to add more infrastructure.

"There always seems to be continuances, and trying to get everybody on board in a big group to get down on a specific night to be turned away because there's a continuance," Daniel said. He was surprised to hear council approved new zoning and says this could mean more noise and dust for his neighborhood.

Tankersly said he notified residents about public hearings as required by law. The whole zoning process took more than four years.

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