Nogales Dreamers return after release from detention

NOGALES, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Seven young Dreamers marched down Morley Avenue in Nogales carrying a banner which said "We're Home."

They are seven of nine who were arrested July 279th for trying to enter the US illegally through the Morley Port of Entry.

After their arrest, the nine were held in detention in Eloy for 11 days, two of them in isolation for eight of those days.

But the Department of Homeland Security granted them temporary asylum so they were set free.

They're using that freedom to finish their point.

"We want to let everyone on the Mexican side to know they can be reunited with their families," says Lulu Martinez, a student at the University of Illinois. "I will be back in class in two weeks."

She's working towards a bachelor's in women's studies.

For Adriana Gil Diaz life took a different twist.

"I was born in Mexico City and my mother brought me to Phoenix when I was four months old," she says. " I spent my first 20 years in Phoenix."

Tired of living in the shadows, she went back to Mexico City "to further my education."

But things didn't work out well.

"I couldn't find work, so I couldn't support myself," she says.

She says living in Mexico was hard and for her, dangerous.

"I wasn't like them, I didn't look like them, I stood out." she says. "That made me a potential target for kidnapping and extortion."

Which is why she says she has been granted asylum.

As we speak, her mother watches from the Mexican side of the border, not allowed back in the US.

The touch hands through the fence which separates them.

Asked if she might be reunited with her daughter, she says in Spanish, "with God, anything's possible."

All nine Dreamers will have immigration hearings at some time in the future. It can take six months to three years.

In the meantime, all will be eligible for work permits.

"We want to make it so everybody can come back to the United States," Martinez says.

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