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Feds close probes in 2 Arizona border shootings

Two border patrol agents involved in high profile shootings are off the hook. The Justice Department will not pursue criminal charges against two agents who shot and killed two people in separate incidents in 2011.

A week after a mural is painted on a Douglas wall, the border patrol agent who shot and killed Carlos LaMadrid is cleared of any wrongdoing.

"Whatever he did, he did not deserve to get shot in the back," said Juan Carlos Madrid.

LaMadrid reportedly ran away from a traffic stop in 2011 after police saw him loading bundles of drugs into his vehicle. Investigators say someone was throwing rocks and that's when an agent opened fire killing him.

"I believe that our agents are properly trained," said border patrol union president, Art Del Cueto. "They're out there in an area that everybody knows it's a dangerous area."

Just a couple of months before that, a border patrol agent shot and killed Ramses Barron Torres. That agent is also off the hook. It happened in Nogales in January 2011 when authorities say he was throwing rocks at agents who were trying to stop a drug smuggling operation.

The Justice Department issued a statement. "There is insufficient evidence to disprove the agent's claim that he shot him in self-defense because Torres was throwing rocks over the border fence and ignored the agent's commands to stop."

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