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More ATV activity in private washes

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Increased ATV activity has sparked a warning from first responders. In Charouleau Gap, visitors park, sign in their vehicle and then take a trail all the way into the mountains.

Crews with Golder Ranch Fire say it is important to know how to ride the all-terrain vehicles safely and legally. Charouleau Gap is part of a State Park with trails, but some residents on the northwest side are seeing more ATV activity in private washes. That is not allowed, but moreover, it is dangerous because riders can really take a spill in rough areas, places that are not maintained.

This summer Golder Ranch had to rescue a rider in this area and they say those types of rescues can take hours, so it is important that riders slow down, and wear protective gear.

"We can see anything from broken arms to broken legs," Battalion Chief Will Seeley of Golder Ranch Fire said. "We also have some trauma sometimes if and when they're not wearing a helmet, we'll have trauma injuries, internal damage."

Crews say a lot of accidents seem to happen when people are just going way too fast and lose control.


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