What would a warmer world look like in year 2100?

The effects of shifting climate is affecting people, plants, and animals across the globe in both positive and negative ways.  

But just how much can the climate change in the next 90 years?

NASA shows you what could happen in new visualizations that you can download to your computer or iPad.

The visualizations show the possible difference between low and high emission scenarios.

Emissions are the greenhouse gases added to the environment.

A build up of greenhouse gasses traps more of the sun's energy, which in turn can raise the overall global temperature.

The NASA visualizations look at possible temperature and precipitation changes from the years 2000 to 2100.

NASA says "The "higher emissions" scenario represents a fossil-fuel-intensive future in which concentrations of atmospheric CO2 exceed 800 ppm by the year 2100. The "lower emissions" scenario represents a less fossil-fuel-intensive future in which atmospheric CO2 concentrations level off at around 550 ppm by 2100. Today, atmospheric CO2 concentrations stand at around 400 ppm."

To view the detailed visualizations on the NASA website, visit the links below:

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The visualizations for iPad are available here: