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Today's Most...City Puts Up Billboards With Big Mistake On Them!

Courtesy: Detroit Free Press Courtesy: Detroit Free Press
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Here's Today's Most for Monday, August 12th:

TODAY'S MOST...Public Mistake by a City that Certainly Doesn't Need Any More Mistakes: The city of Detroit paid for a bunch of billboards around the area to encourage people to vote in elections coming up in November. Only one problem - all of the billboards have the wrong day on them. They say election day is September 2nd! Detroit that just made headlines for being the largest city to ever declare bankruptcy, it certainly doesn't need this type of attention.

TODAY'S MOST...Star Trek-type Look into the Future: Might we one day have a new type of transportation? Where people would go in pods and travel about 700 miles an hour? It sounds like science fiction. But one entrepreneur says it could become reality. The proposal is called Hyperloop. Billionaire Elon Musk proposed this today - and said it's possible. A first reaction usually might be to say the person who came up with this idea is out of his mind - but in this case we're talking about one of the smartest and successful people on the planet. He built a company that successfully builds spaceships. He built a company that successfully makes electric cars. He founded PayPal. He probably could make this work. Here's his actual plan. One problem, he says he's too busy to try to build it right now.

TODAY'S MOST...Unbelievable Firing of an Employee: I couldn't believe this when I heard the audio. The company AOL held an internal conference call late last week to discuss some serious topics. It turns out an employee who was in the room with the CEO did something the CEO didn't like during the call, and the CEO fired the person on the spot! While about one thousand people listened! You can listen to the call at the bottom of the linked article - the firing happens at about the 2:00 mark.

TODAY'S MOST...Bizarre Dream Home: You have to look at these images, a Chinese man built a huge dream home that looks like it's built on the side of the mountain. Only issue - is that it's actually built on top of a big apartment building. And the other people who live in the building say the guy's construction ruined their apartments!

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