Shuffling shotcallers

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Tucson, AZ (KOLD) - Ideally, 2 weeks into football camp you'd like to have a grasp, an identity, even a glimpse of who might lead your team under center. Naming a starter that successfully emerged from the competition as the clear cut favorite would also be nice. None of the these apply to Arizona at the moment.

Rich Rodriguez may have an assumption of who might walk onto Arizona Stadium as the man taking signals from the sideline to start the NAU game, but he's not telling anyone else. The quarterback competition remains a mystery.

Many college coaches love to make the competition play the guessing game by not naming a starter leading up to game day, in this case, Rich Rod is the one playing the guessing game.

With B.J. Denker unable to execute at a high level, Jesse Scroggins just coming into the fold after suffering concussion like symptoms all throughout camp, this story is simply...  it's to be continued.

Rich Rod told KOLD after Tuesday mornings session that Jesse Scroggins was a full participant in camp without limitations, but he was "rusty" again. He added that there were no starters named on offense as of yet. You can read between the lines there.

There is also the possiblity that Rodriguez takes the 2 QB system into the regular season until he feels comfortable with one guy.  Rodriguez also discusses his history and success with a shuffling QB system while pointing out how that will apply to this team.