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Thank you, Chuck, and best wishes

After more than 10 years, Chief Meteorologist Chuck George is leaving KOLD and the television business. 


Chuck has been on leave since early June and has made the decision not to return.


It's a tough choice.  He's giving up a job he loves to focus on his health and the pursuit of his lifelong dream of getting a PhD. 


Chuck is now a student at the University of Arizona and applying to PhD programs around the country.  He wants to get his doctorate in Arid Lands Management with a focus on Communication of Science.


Chuck taped a message for the viewers, which you can view here:


You can leave a message for Chuck on Facebook or on Tucson News Now.


There is no doubt the KOLD family will miss Chuck - as will you, the Southern Arizona viewers. He has left his mark on Tucson.  Chuck made weather fun and informative.   And he helped hire a great team of meteorologists - and made KOLD the leader in severe weather coverage. 


We thank him for everything he has done and wish him the best on his new adventure.


 And while there may still be some guest appearances in the future, we'd like to say it's not "Goodbye, Chief Chuck." Before long it will be "Hello, Dr. Chuck."  Best wishes, my friend.

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