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TODAY'S MOST...Detroit PD sends mass email w/ female officer bra sizes!

Courtesy: Detroit Free Press Courtesy: Detroit Free Press
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Here's Today's Most for August 13th.

TODAY'S MOST...Horrendous E-Mail Mistake. The city of Detroit does it again - making news for the wrong reasons. An email was sent out to the entire police department that contained the bra sizes of some female officers. How did this happen? Well, female officers include their bra sizes when they request bullet-proof vests for obvious reasons. By mistake, a spreadsheet that had that information was sent out to the entire department. The city just can't catch a break. Last night we highlighted the fact the city bought ads on a bunch of billboards to encourage people to vote in elections coming up in November, but those billboards all mistakenly said election day is in September.

TODAY'S MOST...Expensive Mistake Made by a Casino. A casino in Cincinnati had a contest, picked a name at random, and announced a man named Kevin Lewis won $1 million dollars. Kevin Lewis was obviously overjoyed - he accepted a giant check and even spoke to the media. Then the casino realized the real winner was a different Kevin Lewis. But congratulations to the casino for fixing its mistake in a good way - it gave both Kevin Lewis' $1 million.

TODAY'S MOST...Upsetting Drug Dealer. A drug dealer in South Carolina sold crack cocaine out of a stroller, while his son was in the stroller! The man allegedly walked up and down the streets, with the drugs hidden in the stroller. The man's infant son was also in that stroller. The man is now in jail - the baby's with his mother.

TODAY'S MOST...Horrendous Example of Companies Ignoring a Simple Yet Critical Mistake: A man in New Jersey needed treatment to fight leukemia. His condition was life-threatening. He thought he had health coverage - but then found out his coverage was canceled - because of 26 cents! That's right - the man's wife sent a payment check for the insurance, but the check was 26 cents short, and it almost cost the 33-year old any chance at survival. Amazing that an insurance company and a payroll company could combine to make things so difficult for this man and his family.  

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