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New proposal for abandoned shopping carts

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The City of Tucson may have a new way to clean up its neighborhoods, by fining stores if their shopping carts are abandoned on the streets.

Carts are taken from stores and left abandoned on sidewalks and in washes; some leaders call them ‘black eyes' on their neighborhoods.

There is now a defined effort and city ordinance to clean them up. 

Tucson News Now spoke with Regina Romero's office, who stated that it was difficult to maneuver around state laws.  State laws that say a cart must be in place for three days and store owners must be notified of that cart. 

The new city ordinance says if the store does not pick the cart up, the city can impound it and charge a fee of $30. 

To do all of this work, city officials tell Tucson News Now that there would be $40,000 set aside to fund this program, picking up and impounding the carts and conducting the fines.  This is all part of the proposal.  The next step in the process is bringing this to the mayor and council with a chance for public comment, which should happen sometime in September.

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