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What to do if you encounter a mountain lion

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Source: AZ Game & Fish Source: AZ Game & Fish
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Spotting a mountain lion can be an exhilarating experience, or as in the case from Wednesday where a hiker was injured, a scary one. It all depends on the circumstances and how close the encounter is. 

Mark Hart from Arizona Game and Fish says if you do come into contact with a mountain lion there are precautionary steps you should take to try to avoid an attack.

Hart says first and foremost never run or turn your back. Stand your ground and wave your hands in the air. The idea is to make yourself appear bigger and more menacing so the mountain lion will be discouraged from attacking.

Hart says don't bend down or put yourself in a "submissive" position. He said it's important to maintain eye contact and don't back down.

These steps are meant for you to establish an "alpha dominance" over the mountain lion. If the animal doesn't think you're an easy target, chances are it will back down and leave the area.

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