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TODAY'S MOST...Facebook Users Get Bummed Out by Facebook!


Here's Today's Most...for Wednesday, August 14th.

TODAY'S MOST...INTERESTING STUDY: Facebook bums people out! That's the word from a study that closely tracked the moods of a bunch of Facebook users. A lot of times you hear about studies and you think they're probably done by some random website, but this one's actually done by the University of Michigan. It showed that Facebook usage actually made people's moods worse throughout the day. You can see the full study here. Previous studies have come out that claim Facebook makes people happier - and with 700 million people using Facebook, you know more studies will be done in the future. Do you think social media makes us more happy or less happy?

TODAY'S MOST...Amazing Tale of Survival: A 73-year old man fell 115 feet in a national park in Hawaii - and survived. The man apparently was somewhere he shouldn't have been, but he fell off a ledge and then survived overnight. A hiker heard the man screaming, initially thought it might be a prank, and then called the park rangers who ultimately found and saved the man.

TODAY'S MOST...Surprising Find During an Arrest: Police in New Orleans went to search a man's property, and found about 700 roosters! A man had a full cockfighting ring going on. The police originally answered an anonymous tip - and animal rescuers expected to find 50 roosters. Instead, this ended up being the largest seizure in the 125 year history of the Louisiana SPCA. The man who owns the property was arrested - and faces multiple charges.

TODAY'S MOST...Ridiculous Detroit Story of the Day. Since Detroit's made Today's Most every day this week - let's keep the streak going. An artist put "For Sale" or "Going Out of Business Sale" signs on many of the big, iconic, landmarks in the city. After Detroit declared bankruptcy last month, there's been a lot of discussion that the city might sell some it's famous artwork to try to help it's brutal financial situation.

TODAY'S MOST...Amazing Picture: The picture of a mountain lion shot by a hiker in Catalina State Park. We're certainly happy to report the hiker who fell after the interaction with the lion is going to be OK, but it's stunning to hear him say he was 5 feet away from the animal. In that picture that he shot, it certainly looks like the mountain lion's tracking his every move. Amazing and scary all at the same time. And from the better safe than sorry department, here are some tips just in case you ever come face to face with that danger. 


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