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2 months into the monsoon the rain is adding up

Today marks two months into the monsoon with another month and half left before it is all over.  

The monsoon data is recorded from June 15 through September 30 each year.  

So far, rain totals have been good for most of the official recording stations.

These are the weather data stations the National Weather Service uses to report the numbers. 

In Tucson, the Tucson International Airport (TIA) on the southside of the city is the official recording station.  

In the above graphic, if the blue line is higher than the green line the monsoon rain so far this year is above average.  

Nearly every location is above average.

The exception is TIA, which is over 1/2" of rain below the average as of August 15th.

But some parts of Tucson have not had much rain, including the Casa Adobes area between Oro Valley and midtown Tucson. 

You can check rain totals in your neighborhood at Rainlog.org.  

Monsoon storms remain in the forecast for the next seven days.  

This is good news since more rain is needed across the state to eliminate on-going drought conditions.  

Below is this latest U.S. Drought Monitor update for Arizona.

Nearly 83% of the state is still experiencing some level of drought. 

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