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Pima County voters like open space, parks and hippos.

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Pima County received nearly 17,000 responses to its Bond Project Survey.

The responses show the voters like parks, open space and the planned hippo exhibit at the Reid Park Zoo.

When it comes to countywide projects, there are some more important to potential voters than others.

Job growth and workforce training programs topped the list, a new category which didn't even show up in a 2009 survey.

Transportation improvements were very high as were Parks and Recreation Facilities.

Down at the bottom of the list were flood control projects.

But when broken down into small areas, other things become important to some particular regions.

For example, overall the Oro VAlley Business Accelator scored down near the bottom of the list when  scored as an countywide project but was voted the top project in Oro Valley.

There are several examples of that, including the Business Center in Sahuarita.

Whether any of the items the voters chose as most popular make the final cut,  won't be decided until next spring.

Still, the decision when to take the potential bond election to the voters hasn't been made yet.

Pima County hasn't had a bond election in eight years and whether voters will support one now is still undecided.

There are $1.3 billion in projects but about half that amount will make the bond package when the decision is made.

"This is just an additional piece of information that shouldn't be considered the end all of what is the most popular project," says Nicole Fyffe, an assistant Pima County Administrator.

But there are some things that show up more popular with voters and would likely make a bond issue easier to pass.

"I believe every zip code in Eastern Pima County did highlight the two open space acquisition projects as their top five," Fyffe says.

The survey is not scientific and biased to those who responded to the survey. It may or may not accurately measure the support for an election. Voters who oppose any election would not likely participate.

The rate of response was 3.4%, which is thought to be about the same had the county mailed postcards.

However, the online survey was much cheaper and provided more information.

The bond committee will begin meeting this fall to determine which projects will make the final cut.


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