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Chinese Zoo Puts a Dog in a Lion Exhibit!

Courtesy: BBC News Courtesy: BBC News
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Here's Today's Most for Thursday, August 15th.

TODAY'S MOST Ridiculous Lie Told by a Zoo: This story is epic. And the picture is fantastic. A zoo in China pretended that a Tibetan mastiff dog was a lion for its lion exhibit! The charade was discovered when the dog started barking! The zoo originally had a lion, but it was sent away to a breeding center. Rather than shut down the exhibit, they found the dog and decided - why not? The Tibetan mastiff is a particularly furry dog - by the way, but the customers were not fooled, nor happy with the fraud.

TODAY'S MOST Interesting Piece of Information in the Alex Rodriguez Saga: Baseball's most expensive player continues to play while he appeals his 221 game suspension, but he's already been thrown out...of a movie. An animated children's movie about the history of the Yankees is going to be released soon - and originally there was a section featuring A-Rod and voiced by A-Rod. But  the movie makers didn't want the drug scandal to ruin the movie's possibilities at the box office, so now that section is on the cutting room floor. 

TODAY'S MOST Amazing Discovery: The country of Bolivia claims a man lives there who will smash the record for oldest person. Bolivian authorities say he's 123 years old! He doesn't have a birth certificate - because there were no birth certificates in Bolivia before 1940, but he does have a baptism certificate - which says he was born in 1890. There's video attached to the story - do you believe?

TODAY'S MOST Bizarre Request at a Bank: A man walked into a bank in Texas and asked for access to Michelle Obama's bank account. He claimed he was her adopted son, and the First Lady had just contacted him about the adoption on facebook. The man wouldn't leave even after he was told the bank didn't have an account for the Obama's - and ultimately was arrested. 

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