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Flake talks reducing minimum sentencing

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

While Senator Flake has shown that he'll take stances that are different from his colleague from Arizona, he and Senator John McCain stand together on immigration reform.

"This is something I've worked on for years and years.  I've thought that we need it.  Not all Republicans agree, but I think that a majority do, that we've got to change our immigration system, both to deal with illegal immigration and change legal immigration moving ahead, because there are problems there, too," Senator Flake said.

Senator Flake was a member of the Gang of Eight senators who drew up the Senate version of the immigration bill.  He made sure to point out Thursday that the path to citizenship for those who are living in the country without that documentation will still face challenges and fees, and it wouldn't be an easy road.  He spoke in Tucson just two days after Senator John McCain spoke to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce also in support of immigration reform.

While the two Arizona senators have been driving forces of immigration reform, they also have shown support for another topic this week: reducing minimum sentencing.

Senator flake agrees that our federal prisons have to many inmates on relatively minor drug offenses, which was something that Senator John McCain said in his Tucson visit earlier in the week.  Senator flake expressed concern about reducing minimum sentences because he still wants to make sure that major offenders face larger sentences, and he wanted to ensure that they don't fall into the cracks of reform.

"I think that people recognize that some of the mandatory minimums that were put in place decades ago, didn't lead to the outcomes that we thought.  And, it does need to be addressed.  I'm not sure that this is the way to do it, the way DOJ came forward, but it's something that many of us in Congress have been wanting to change for awhile," Senator Flake said.

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