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Man's Prosthetic Arm Stolen from His House

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Here's Today's Most for Friday, August 16th.

TODAY'S MOST...TERRIBLE ROBBERY: A person broke into a couple's home, and stole a bag that contained the husband's prosthetic arm. Melissa Burk Allen says her husband woke up to go to a job interview, and went to take his arm out of it's bag to put it on - and it was gone. Mr. Allen lost his arm several years ago because of an infection, and was just starting to come out of his shell now that he has a new arm. 

TODAY'S MOST...COOL AND SPACE-AGE DECISION: Remember when you were young and in cartoons you saw people using futuristic jet-packs to fly in the air and go from place to place?Well, in New Zealand, the future is now. The country just gave the go-ahead for a company to test it's jet-pack. Might you eventually be able to buy one?

TODAY'S MOST...UNUSUAL BIRTH MOTHER: A 53-year old woman just gave birth to twins. She's actually the twins...GRANDMOTHER! Suzie Kozisek served as a gestational carrier for her own daughter Ashley - because Ashley has a medical condition that makes getting pregnant very risky.

TODAY'S MOST... BIZARRE FIGHT BETWEEN A STORE AND A PERSON WHO'S SPENT HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS AT THAT STORE: It sounds counter-intuitive - a store telling a customer who's spent about $350,000 at the store in the last few years to go away. But there's more to the story than the amount of money. A Canadian man drives from Canada to the States to stock up on Trader Joe's stuff. Then he drives back over the border - and sells it for a mark-up at his own store in Canada. There are no Trader Joe's in Canada. Now the chain has his picture up in most of it's locations so that it's stores don't let him in, and they filed a lawsuit. 


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Craig Thomas

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