Arizona's utility man

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Tucson, AZ (KOLD) - He can run, throw, catch, defend and play special teams. Richard Morrison has played at just about every skill position available. He has truly become Arizona's swiss army knife in camp after playing QB, WR, PR, CB, and now returning to WR. The end result, he's becoming an asset any way he can.

Morrison had hoped to find some playing time behind Jonathan McNight or Shaq Richardson at corner this year. Entering camp both of those players were injured and have since returned. While searching to find significant playing time, Morrison has moved again at his request.

With up to five of Arizona's wide reciever's either injured or ineligible, Morrison put on a white jersey Wednesday during practice after he asked to compete for time at WR. Coach Rodriguez also hinted that the senior might have a better shot at starting at wideout at this point.

KOLD sports anchor Dave Cooney caught up with Morrison to talk about the move earlier this week.