The Big Easy heads west

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New Orleans, LA (AP) - While many people changed their views in the last week, the most important person in Craig Victor's decision had not. And that person was Craig Victor.

The 6-foot-8 former St. Augustine forward committed to Arizona on Saturday afternoon in front of his AAU program, New Orleans Elite.

He chose the Wildcats over LSU and Oklahoma State by selecting an Arizona hat at the table where he was sitting along with AAU teammates Tyree Griffin and Blake Jones.

"I was very comfortable with the situation," Victor said. "I didn't rush anything. I haven't talked to any coach in the last two weeks so I could have some me time. I sat down and talked to God and made sure everything was right and that I was comfortable. It was kind of hard letting down LSU at the same time."

LSU was widely believed to have made a strong push at the end of the week and Victor confirmed that after announcing his decision. He said he tried to stay as quiet as possible in order to keep his head clear prior to making his choice.

"It was heavy," Victor said. "I was getting phone calls after phone calls and text messages. I wanted to reply but at the same time I didn't want anyone to influence me. I just went with what my first mind and that's why I thought it was best for me to go to Arizona."

Victor said he knew he was going to choose Arizona "about a week ago" and can now focus on sharpening his game as he tries to extend his game out to the perimeter.

"I could have easily been a hometown hero at LSU but I had to think just how far was that going to push me to where I want to go," Victor said. "I went to Arizona based off of the brand and what they have done. That's just the facts. They've been putting up numbers lately for the draft and have had some really good athletes. I just felt like that was the right decision to go with."