U of A opposite of the national college spending trend

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The University of Arizonais bucking the trend when it comes to tuition costs and the cost of living oncampus.

Tucson News Now learnedlast week, across the country, in-state college students pay more for room andboard, than they do for tuition.

A look at the Universityof Arizona costs and the opposite is found. Costs for tuition are higher than cost of living, this trend started in2011.

Tucson News Now spoke withU of A officials, who state there are several reasons for that, first beingbudget cuts from the state over the past few years has meant students andparents are asked to pay more.

Second is cost of livingin Tucson is relatively lower than other schools, and the university has tooffer competitive prices so they do not lose students to off campus apartments.

The future for U of A istuition may go down, as there is a drop in birthrates from 18 years ago andcolleges are going to fight over fewer students by offering lower tuitionrates.

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