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Downtown medical marijuana dispensary to open tomorrow

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Tucson's newest dispensary could end up being its busiest. Tucson's newest dispensary could end up being its busiest.
TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

We have your first look inside what could be one of the Tucson area's busiest medical marijuana dispensaries. The Downtown Dispensary opens tomorrow on 6th Street near 4th Avenue. It will join 7 other dispensaries now open around town.

Workers put finishing touches to the new Downtown Dispensary before it's grand opening Tuesday. It will sell various forms of medical marijuana and co-owner Jerry Workman says he wants to educate his patients.

"They can come right in, we'll help them do it. They can get a doctor's recommendation," said Workman.

The store is in close proximity to the University of Arizona and is the only one near downtown. The buzz is all over 4th Avenue. Crissy Burgstaler works at a clothing store about a block away. She welcomes the new dispensary.

"I mean, I think it fits," said Burgstaler. "I'm not saying I'm going to frequent there but we have all kinds of businesses that are a little bit on the alternative side."

But Kate Randall who owns Antigone Books has different feelings.

"It's not my favorite thing to be happening on 4th Avenue. I feel like medical marijuana is supposed to be for medical purposes and if that's what they're doing then that's great," said Randall.

"There won't be any reason to think this is any other business or pharmacy," said Workman. "

Patients who live within 25 miles from the dispensary and have a card to cultivate marijuana will no longer be allowed to do so when their card expires.

"We expect to have a few more patients here at this one because of the large population close to the downtown area," said Workman.

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