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Look at This: Students Wear Paper "Blinders" During Test!

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Here's Today's Most for Monday, August 19th.

TODAY'S MOST...Unbelievable Photo: Students wore paper blinders during a test at a university in Thailand. It looks ridiculous - two sheets of paper on either side of a student's head! The purpose of the blinders was to avoid cheating. Now that the photo's gone viral, school administrators claim the students themselves came up with the idea. There's a lot of controversy about this. How do you think it would play out if this picture came out of a school here in the U.S.?

TODAY'S MOST...Unhappy Father-Son Golf Outing: A father and son were both arrested for brawling with each other after they finished a day at the golf course. When police arrived at the course, both 45-year old William Rains and 21-year old Daniel Rains had cuts and bruises on their faces and bodies. Apparently father and son were both drinking all day, and then got into an argument in the parking lot, and that argument got physical. 

TODAY'S MOST...Exposed shower in someone's home: You have to look at this. A homeowner in Brooklyn just finished construction on an apartment that includes a shower enclosed in glass. That shower happens to be on the backside of the home...and is completely exposed to neighbors. It's not inside a bathroom that's covered in any way! Some of the neighbors are upset since there are many kids in the area, and some might look up one day and see someone in all his/her glory taking a shower.

TODAY'S MOST...In-Hot-Water Police Officer for Helping out LeBron James: LeBron James and his fiancee went to a concert in Miami on Friday night. Traffic was terrible, and a police officer gave LeBron a police escort so he could get to see Jay Z and Justin Timberlake on time. LeBron used instagram to tell people about the good deed done by the cop. Since LeBron has 3.5 million instagram followers, that message got a lot of attention. Now that police officer is in trouble for giving The King preferential treatment. 


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