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Audit of Colossal Cave needed to identify problems

Attendance at Colossal Cave Mountain Park is dropping and Pima County officials want to know why. 

Park attendance has gone from 59,000 four years ago to about 38,000 this year.  Colossal Cave is losing money.

The county is suggesting an audit - and that isn't a bad thing for Colossal Cave. It should be done to find out why things aren't working. 

Comments on social media suggest there needs to be new ideas for the attraction, a face-lift, more advertising and a look at the tour fees. 

But improvements cost money and that has to come from either private donations or tax dollars. An audit opens the books and gives officials and donors the confidence to fund those improvements. 

The goal should be to preserve and make this valuable tourist destination profitable again.

This news should also remind us - the residents of Southern Arizona - we can't depend on visitors.  We need to support all of our local attractions. 

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