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Today's Most...Thief Tries to Hold Up Top Cop

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Here's Today's Most for Tuesday, August 20th.

TODAY'S MOST...Unlucky/Incompetent Criminal: A thief tried to hold up a man on the street. The man turned out to be the Top Cop in the entire state of Florida. Things did not end well for the thief.
Larry Jackson used a knife to try to hold up a man in Florida. Turns out, the man he was trying to rob was the Top Cop in the entire state of Florida. Timothy Libertore was just named Law Enforcement Member of the Year by a Florida sheriff's association. He's made 260 arrests in the last 4 years. Mr. Libertore pulled out his gun, the thief dropped his knife, and then was promptly arrested.

TODAY'S MOST...Amazing Discovery of a Planet the Size of Earth: There apparently is a planet where a year is only 8 1/2 hours long. Where the surface is made of lava because the temperature is almost 5,000 degrees. The planet's actually the size of earth. This discovery is called Kepler 78-B, and it's 700 light-years away from us.  

TODAY'S MOST...Interesting Examination of Oreos: Do Double-Stuff Oreos really have twice the "stuff" of regular Oreos? One mathematician did the calculations...and the answer apparently is no. You can follow his simple math in a chart in the link. Nabisco is the company that makes Oreos - we'll see if they respond to this mathematician's experiment. 


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