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Amazing speech given by college student from AZ goes viral

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Here's TODAY'S MOST...for Wednesday, August 21st.

TODAY'S MOST...Amazing Speech to Incoming College Students...Ever! This is going viral. And the extra-special part is - the speechmaker is a sophomore from our state. This speech was given by Nick Selby from Phoenix, who's a student at Georgia Tech. He gave the speech this week during a convocation welcoming the new engineer students. The speech has passion, screaming, humor, and theme music! If you want to be inspired - just watch

TODAY'S MOST...Upset Arizona Cardinals football fan: A fan was at Saturday's pre-season game in Glendale against the Cowboys. He had a beer in his hand. He says he gave the beer to his son to hold so he could take a picture. Two undercover agents with the Arizona Dept. Of Liquor Licenses and Control walked up, and forced the father and son to leave the stadium.

TODAY'S MOST...Bizarre Rule for Students in an Elementary School: This simply does not make sense. A principal in an elementary school in California made all students kneel before getting dismissed from class. Parents brought this to the attention of the school district, and the district announced it's no longer going to have this policy. CBS in Los Angeles say the kneeling was supposed to be a "positive behavior intervention" - whatever that is. The principal still hasn't explained exactly how kneeling was supposed to help the students.

Staying with Education...

TODAY'S MOST...Egregious Crime Committed by a High School Football Coach: If a high school coach steals something and tries to pawn it - that's certainly bad. But in this case, the coach stole from his own player! A coach in Portland, Oregon allegedly stole an expensive watch from his own player and then pawned it at a local store. The player had saved up $600 to buy a diamond-encrusted watch for himself for his 18th birthday. 

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