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Sunnyside school leaders plan to overhaul campus security

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Sunnyside school leaders talked security Wednesday night.

The bond advisory committee is looking at a plan to place mobile security units in all of the middle schools and high schools as one part of a big plan to overhaul campus security.

The plan is to spend about $65,000 to buy new mobile security units and also to create a new department called Sunnyside Security.

"Now we're going to have our own security department: six full time people dedicated to security," said Dr. Manuel Isquierdo. "They're going to work 24/7, always watching our schools."

The security department would replace Central Alarm and off duty Tucson Police officers who are now paid more than $100,000 in overtime costs by the school district.

Tucson News Now got a look at those mobile units for the first time today and we asked school leaders how these units would help them improve security.  Everyone entering the high school will be checked out right here.

"We're going to check ID's, we're going to check their passes," said Dr. Manuel Isquierdo. "Basically it will increase our visibility and security and really make our middle schools safer."

Part of the plan includes $78,000 to purchase four new security cars that will be marked and will have flashing lights.

And they've already spent about $800,000 to get state of the art security cameras. They'll be installed in both school buses and throughout the schools.

Despite the tension on the school board with four out of five members now facing a possible recall election, superintendent Dr. Isquierdo says he hopes they'll be able to get the job done with civility and professionalism.

"What you saw tonight was we are getting the work done, moving forward," Isquierdo said.

No elected leaders are part of this bond advisory committee; They will have to approve the overall plan.

If approved,school officials hope to launch this new security plan by September 20.

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