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Northern lights from Scotland

Here is a really cool video of the northern lights seen from Scotland. This is taken from a NASA website that features a picture or video every day about space or weather. Take a look and if you love space you may want to save the bookmark, it has really cool images and you'll learn something new everyday from this.

Noctilucent Clouds and Aurora Over Scotland 
Video Credit: Maciej WiniarczykMusic: Jolanta Galka-Kurkowska

Explanation: Why would the sky still glow after sunset? Besides stars and the band of our Milky Way galaxy, the sky might glow because it contains either noctilucent clouds or aurora. Rare individually, both are visible in the above time lapse movie taken over Caithness,ScotlandUK taken during a single night earlier this month. First noted in 1885, many noctilucent clouds are known to correlate with atmospheric meteor trails, although details and the origins of others remain a topic of research. These meandering bright filaments of sunlight-reflecting ice crystals are the highest clouds in the Earth's atmosphere. The above video captures not only a variety of noctilucent clouds, but also how their structure varies over minutes. Lower clouds typically appear dark or fast moving. About halfway through the video the clouds are joined by aurora. At times, low clouds, noctilucent clouds, and aurora are all visible simultaneously, each doing their own separate dance, and once -- see if you can find it -- even with the Big Dipper rotating across the background.

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