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Parent displays concern over Flowing Wells gun control contract

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The Flowing Wells School District is reviewing student registration packets after a parent took issue with a form on gun control.

This form is called "A Contract for Eliminating Guns and Weapons from School" and it asks parents to make a promise they'll keep their guns locked up away from school and away from their own children.  One parent said, I'm not signing this.

"First of all, the word contract jumps out at you."

Richard refused to sign this paper when registering his children at Flowing Wells High School.

It states: "I will keep any guns and all weapons I own under lock, away from school grounds and away from my children."

"They have family days at shooting ranges and we want to go shooting.  I can't take my kid there because I signed a contract that says I will keep all guns and weapons away from my children."

Flowing Wells Superintendent David Baker says the intention of the form was to promote school safety.

He also says Richard is the only parent who had a problem with it.

"There's always somebody who's going to stand out and you know it's their opinion."

Parent Tracy Stough says she gladly signed the form when registering her son at Flowing Wells Junior High.

"It's not just to protect my kid but it's to protect not only the students but the staff," Tracy said.

"To me it's more like a political thing and schools should not be in the business of politics," Richard said.

Richard met with the superintendent who says the form has been in circulation for more than a decade—

and he will take another look at the language to see if changes are needed.

"I mean you have a lot of rights just don't sign things away," Richard said.

"I don't like watching the news and catching all these other schools that are under lock down because somebody carried a gun or shot up a staff member or class member so I'm all for this," Tracy said.

David Baker is not new to Flowing Wells but he is new to the superintendent position.  He says he is willing to meet with any parent who has concerns about this form.

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