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Last weekend before UA classes begin

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Thousands of U of A students have one more weekend of freedom before classes begin. For some, it's a time to go out and party on 4th Ave. Others, who aren't of drinking age yet, say they're willing to wait.

"Not really. Everybody has that desire to be 21 but its not like we need to be there. It's nice just to be young instead of just looking forward to be 21," said U of A sophomore Colin Byrne.

"I agree. I just want to enjoy every minute of whatever age I am and then when I turn 21 it will be worth it," said U of A sophomore Brooke Chapman.

But for those who aren't old enough to drink yet and still decide to try, bars on 4th Avenue say they have had help from Tucson Police and the Arizona Liquor Board in how to spot fake ID's.

"They come in and show us indicators of what to look for, new fakes, generally there is a trend of different fakes. One year it might be a Texas fake, another year it might be New York. So they give us all those points and we definitely see a very large influx a fake ID's," said O'Malley's general manager Rick Cano.

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