U of A businesses pick up as classes start

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - The University of Arizona campus is coming back to life with classes officially starting today.

It is great news for business owners near campus who are expecting to see a big increase in their profits.

Many businesses around Main Gate Square were already seeing the change of pace this weekend as students moved into the dorms.

For one such business 'Eat A Pita', the weekend before classes start is one of the busiest for the restaurant besides Homecoming.

Tucson News Now spoke with the owner of 'Eat A Pita', Cami Quist and she stated summertime business is generally at 20 percent and when classes start business jumps up 80 percent.

Quist adds that she prepares for the increase in business at the beginning of the month by hiring more employees.

The majority of 'Eat A Pita' staff is made up of students.

Businesses around the U of A campus are preparing to see many more students today as classes start.

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