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Suspect on moped leads police on low-speed chase for an hour

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Today's Most for Monday, August 26th.

TODAY'S MOST...Ridiculous Low-Speed Chase Involving Police and a Man on a Moped: This video is going viral - a bystander taped a low-speed chase involving a suspect and about 10 police cars. This happened in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Police pulled over 40-year old Lagrant Smith this weekend. He wouldn't talk with officers - and then just took off. But the top speed on his moped was only 25 miles an hour! Police chased him all over town for about an hour before finally taking him into custody. He faces 7 charges. The man who videotaped the chase also gives his side of the story.

TODAY'S MOST...Bizarre Lawsuit Involving a Pig: A couple in Queens, New York has a pet pig. Their neighbors don't like it. Now the neighbors sued, claiming the pig scares people. Just to be clear - the couple with the pig live in an apartment building. They walk the pig in the courtyard of the building. The lawsuit also names the City of New York, because the Health Department allegedly said the pig had to leave by July 1st, and then never came to make sure the couple got rid of it.

TODAY'S MOST...Surprising Video of Police Officers Dancing: There's a huge street festival going on in England,. The Notting Hill Carnival is actually the largest street festival in all of in Europe. And the police are getting into the celebration! A group of people gathered around some officers - on duty and in uniform - and the officers got down and showed off some of their best dance moves. Judge for yourself if they have rhythm. 

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