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Owner explains tight security at new medical marijuana dispensary

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

The ninth medical marijuana dispensary in the Tucson metro area just opened it's doors less than one week ago.  It's called the Apothecary and it's located just off of Orange Grove and Interstate-10.

It's located between an adult store and a pest control company. It's the most secure building around here.

Sixteen security cameras located both outside and inside the building record 24 hours a day.

Sturdy shudders and a triple layer of security keep the product in this dispensary away from the wrong hands.

"Every single day every gram is counted," dispensary owner Bryan Hill said. "We know where every piece of medicine is at every time."

"Every gram comes with a barcode so we know where the inventory is."

One gram of medical marijuana is about two to three doses for a typical patient, majority of them using it for pain management at this clinic. The owners say demand is high.

He says they have served about 100 people so far.

100 people in less than a week. In a few more weeks, Hill hopes to be running a medical marijuana cultivation site as well as this dispensary.

"It's all about quality control. We can look at things that go into the meds, make sure it's organic. We can control the cost."

The cost of this product is what has most patients concerned. Insurance does not help and out of pocket costs can run deep. Some patients say the drug is cheaper on the black market.

"They're going to be higher than illegal channels because we have overhead, staff salaries. What we give them is a safe and secure place to come."

"There will always be a black market. You hear all the time about drug smuggling."

Dispensaries like this one promise safe access and a high quality product.

"We really focused a lot on making this one of the nicest dispensaries in town while not having our prices reflect that."

State law requires dispensaries to limit the quantity of medical marijuana to every patient. It's to prevent abuse, dispensary owners say. They monitor their patients very closely and can refuse to sell to anyone they don't feel comfortable with.

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