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Delivery of 1st streetcar a watershed moment

The first car of our new modern streetcar project is on its way to Tucson.  And that is a sign that it's time for those against it to just give it a rest. 

The 35-ton streetcar, costing $4.5 million, is the first of eight being delivered from Oregon.  All of the cars must arrive before the streetcar launches next spring or early summer.      

It's a milestone AND a sign that things are finally starting to happen after the hundreds of millions of dollars were poured into the project.

But that hasn't stopped the naysayers who say that the city should stop spending money, that they don't like it, or that it's time to bail.

That just doesn't make sense.  The money has been spent.  Businesses have sacrificed while the tracks were installed. 

It's time to support the modern streetcar project and all of the businesses that are along the track.

It's time for those that don't like it to just get over it.  


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