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Naked man arrested while walking his dog

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Here's Today's Most for Wednesday, August 28th.

TODAY'S MOST...Bizarre Arrest Involving a Man Walking His Dog: 20 year-old Robin Campbell went out to walk his dog just after 5am. He was walking his dog...naked. Neighbors in Orange County, Florida called police, and Campbell wouldn't cooperate when police started asking him questions. He apparently was under the influence of hallucinogenic mushrooms, and told police "this is God's House." Police eventually had to tase him three times, because he kept fighting and scratching and kicking them. He's now under arrest - facing multiple charges of resisting arrest - and of being naked in public.

TODAY'S MOST...Unlikely Patient for Acupuncture: An alligator. An aquarium in Brazil says it's albino alligator Bino had major problems with his legs and tail - he had scoliosis - and acupuncture is the only thing making those problems go away. The treatments started two years ago - and have made an incredible difference in Bino's life. The zoo says the treatments will continue. Actually, many more veterinarians here in the U.S. are starting to embrace acupuncture as a way to help dogs, cats, even horses.  

TODAY'S MOST...Interesting Way to Keep Your Bike/Scooter/Motorcycle from Getting Stolen: The technology isn't here in the U.S. just yet, but it's all the rage in Vietnam. Most people in Vietnam travel by scooter. The new technology is a sim card that's put inside the bike. When the bike is stolen - started without its key - the sim card "calls" the owner's smartphone. Then the owner can track the location of the scooter through an app. Maybe someday we'd be able to put that in all of vehicles that are on the road. 

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