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Local firefighters heading to Israel

By Kimberly Cain, Tucson News Now intern

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - Firefighters Without Borders, a brand new program hosted by the Greater Tucson Fire Foundation, is sending seven local firefighters to Israel for two weeks this fall.

The Israeli fire service personnel and other first responders will be hosting the Arizona firefighters throughout Israel, according to a news release.The firefighters headed to Israel are from the following regional agencies:Tucson Fire Department, Rico Valley Fire District, Green Valley FireDistrict, Tucson Airport Authority Fire Department and the Northwest FireDistrict.

TheIsraeli firefighters respond to common everyday incidents as well as terrorism activity.

"Israeli first responders are internationally recognized and respected for their knowledge and techniques that protect their civilian population," Golder RanchFire District Chief Randy Karrer said.

The Arizona firefighters will be able to learn a lot from the Israeli service personnel and other first responders. Firefighters WithoutBorders will give the local firefighters the opportunity to gain new intelligence to bring back home.

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