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Targeting getting most of the attention this fall

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The key word when it comes to football rules this fall — one fans will hear again and again — is "targeting."

In the parlance of the NCAA, that describes players who hit a defenseless player above the shoulders. Do it, and you'll be ejected, and your team gets a 15-yard penalty.

Spectators may love a crunching hit, but the ruling bodies of the game at all levels are putting extra emphasis on safety in this current environment where concussions have undergone particular scrutiny.

Coaches are also putting high hits under the microscope.

Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez told Tucson News Now's David Kelly that targeting was one of the first thing the coaching staff addressed with the defense at the start of Fall Camp.

All ejections under the new rule are reviewable through video replay. The replay official must have "conclusive evidence" to overturn the ejection. Conferences are permitted to add sanctions or reduce a suspension based on a postgame review.

Just like in college and the NFL, at the high school level special emphasis has been put on preventing injuries, particularly a prohibition of contact to and with the helmet.

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David Kelly contributed to this story.

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