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TUSD teacher who taped child to a chair resigns

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A Tucson teacher who had been removed from her classroom after she taped a child to her chair has resigned.

Ilse Lopez taught at Hollinger Elementary School in the Tucson Unified School District.

Documents we obtained from TUSD contain the resignation letter and other information related to the school's investigation into the incident.

The paperwork also contains the teacher's version of what happened.

She admits taping the child to the chair, but says it was after trying several other strategies over two weeks to try to keep the seven-year-old child from being disruptive.

Lopez lists several things she says the child did, including dancing around the room, hiding under her desk, constantly sharpening pencils until they were very short.

Lopez says "Because she was not allowing me to teach or allowing the children to learn I told her that she was going on a ride. I told her that we had to but a belt on her to keep her safe and so that it would help her stay seated."

Lopez says the "belt" was the tape.

Lopez says that after five minutes the child asked to use the restroom, and the tape was not used again.      

Lopez reports that she had met previously with the child's mother to discuss the behavior issues.

Lopez says the child's mother had told Lopez the child is stubborn, and not to let her do whatever she wants.

In one of the reports by Hollinger's principal, the principal states that Lopez told her the child's mother gave her permission to try anything to get the child to sit still. 

The principal's interviews with other students indicate they noticed the disruptive behavior too.

Some of the children also described the incident with the tape.

TUSD had previously told KOLD News 13 in an email that the teacher's actions were inappropriate.

The email reads, in part:

"We take these things very seriously. Obviously such behavior is not appropriate or acceptable and is not part of any district protocol. The teacher is not in the classroom pending the outcome of the investigation. The complaint has been referred to district leadership and if it's determined that this incident took place, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. "

In answer to our question today: What now?

The district responded in an email:

"The situation with the teacher was an isolated incident. The district protocols worked and the teacher was removed from the classroom immediately and an investigation launched right away. Due to the outcome of the investigation, this person no longer works for TUSD."

Ilse Lopez' resignation letter says it is effective September 6, 2013.

The child's mother reported the incident with the tape to Tucson Police. No one has been arrested.

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