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Woman attacked by javelina on east side

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

A rare attack in an east side neighborhood near Speedway and Wilmot woke neighbors and alerted Arizona Game and Fish Wednesday.

"The screams woke me up . The screaming," said neighbor Eduardo Saavedra.

The screams came from a woman who was attacked by three javelina as she walked her small dog early that morning.  The animals had been by an open trash container. She escaped, but not without six cuts or scrapes. The woman, who was in her sixties, was treated a Tucson Medical Center and received shots. Game and Fish said that the javelina likely charged because they thought the dog was a coyote, their natural foe.  The dog was not hurt.

"In this case she couldn't do much more then she did. It happened so quickly. But if someone's out walking their dog in this community or another one, and they see javelina in the distance, turn around and go the other way. A bad encounter will likely happen," said Game and Fish spokesman Mark Hart.

"Actually, I've been chased by javelina, too, with Mia, and I had to pick her up and run into the play set over there and I think it was a big male. He was circling around the playset. He was really aggressive," said resident John Anderson.

Anderson still walks his dog in the neighborhood. He understands the recommendation to fasten trash can lids shut with cords and to avoid leaving seeds or fruit from trees on the ground.

"We don't really fear the pigs, we call them the pigs, but we don't really fear the javelina because we live in the desert and we kind of share the habitat with them. But I think it's simple things like not leaving the food out and making sure your lids are tied down," Anderson said.

"Be respectful of the javelina," Saavedra said.

Game and Fish had a trap set for the animals Wednesday night.  Residents who see the javelina can call 1-800-352-0700.

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