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Today's Most: High school football field ripples and moves

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TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -

Here's Today's Most for Friday, August 30th.

Today's Most...Bizarre-Looking High School Football Field: We can't say we've ever seen this before. There was such heavy rain and flooding at a high school in the Pittsburgh area, the water actually caused the field to ripple and move. The school superintendent unfortunately thinks the field might be a complete loss. That means, no home games this season for Southmoreland High School.

Today's Most...Shameless Politician: Steve Bateman filled out paperwork on Friday to run for re-election as mayor in Homestead, Florida. The reason this is shameless is that Bateman was arrested and suspended from office two days ago! He was arrested on public corruption charges, and accused of using his job as mayor to get himself a high-paying consulting job.

Today's Most...Unusual Scientific Announcement: Researchers in Japan announced they freeze-dried sperm of endangered animals. They acknowledge that there's no human use for this now, but say there could be in the future. Even though it sounds like an over-the-top dream, they say this might allow humans to breed animals in space. The scientists used sperm from two primates and a type of giraffe. Let's hope they didn't spend too much money on this. 

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